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Today's the day my aunt will get to ring the bell. She has been with us a week here or there through the summer. For the past 5 weeks she has been living with us. We were grateful for the time together and to help her on her journey. She has helped me understand what some folks are going through when they come to stay in one of our homes.

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We purchased a new remote control for Joy house since we couldn't find the other one. This is what they sent us. A used remote with corroded batteries in it. They apologize and are sending a new one.


One large branch down at vision house from the storm. My crew was able to take care of it today. #hotel #hotels #googlehotels #googlehotel #airbnb #vrbo #rochestermn #mayociviccenter #ma


West Center St. last night. This is on the street from the big storm last night. This was 5 houses away from us. #hotel #hotels #airbnb #vrbo #booking #googlehotel #googlehotels #rochestermn #mayocl


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